Leo Design Studios offers a wide range of services designed to help you create a successful online presence. Properly utilizing each of these services will help ensure your website is as effective as possible, leading to higher sales and more return customers.

Website Design

Having the perfect website is a matter of fitting its design and functionality to your business so that customers get what they expect each time they visit.

  • Creating a site is a farily linear process that follows seven steps:
  • 1. Contact us to let us know what you are looking for
  • 2. After reviewing your needs we will create an initial design
  • 3. From that initial design we will create a template home page for you to review
  • 4. We will work on any changes you would like until you approve the design
  • 5. Once approved we will create all the remaining pages
  • 6. We will make a final review with you explaining the functionality and features of your site
  • 7. After payment we will publish your site for the world to see

Technical details related ot your site such as hosting and domain name registration will be dealt with according to your current situation. No matter what your setup we can help you establish or change these services so that they are compatible with your new site.

Your site format is a critical component of its design. Read below to see the site formats we offer.

  • HTML
  • HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is the primary format for most web pages. It is very robust and is compatible with all internet browsers. Its primary downfall is its aesthetics. HTML can be formatted in thousands of ways but cannot produce advanced animations and interactivity. We typically suggest the use of HTML for most customers as it lends itself very well to search engines and is very user friendly.
  • Flash
  • Adobe Flash has grown over the years to be the standard for advanced user interactivity and animations in web design. Flash is beautiful in its functionality but requires more resources and a broadband connection for practical use. It is also limited in data processing. Flash is unsuitable for search engines as they cannot properly process Flash data and often disregard it. This can make your site invisible to searches, limiting your exposure. We only suggest the use of Flash in circumstances where a very graphic-driven presentation is necessary.
  • Hybrids
  • Hybrid sites are those that mix multiple formats in one site, most often a combination of HTML and Flash. Neither format is dominant but each is played to their strengths. The primary structure is HTML with Flash serving as accents for animations and interactivity.

Website Maintenance

In addition to web design we offer website maintenance services. These services are crucial as proper maintenance is absolutely necessary for a successful web presence. If you do not have your site maintained regulary you could lose potential business because of an outdated and unattractive site.

  • Website Maintenance Includes:
  • Umlimited updates to site content
  • Free annual website redesigns
  • Browser compability updates
  • Search engine optimization
  • Secure site backup
  • Some services may be limited or unavailable based on certain factors. You will be informed of these limitations after your site is reviewed.

Website Redesign

Almost as important as having a website is the occassional redesigning of it. Many website owners fail to do this and begin to lose website traffic as a result. Visitors expect to see a functional, attractive, and modern website. If you do not keep up with the times and keep your website looking and working great you could lose customers to the competition.

Site rebuilding is a rather simple process. We take what you have now and make any design changes you would like. This can range from changing the colors of your site to completely redesigning the format. We are essentially creating a new site for you by using what you currently have as a template.

Please note that dramatic modifications or upgrades to your site will carry normal website design charges. Some features of site rebuilding may be limited or unavailable based on certain factors. You will be informed of these limitations before work begins on the redesign.