Hello, my name is Joshua Boyd and I am the owner of Leo Design Studios. We began as Boyd Web Design in 2008. My original intent was to provide small businesses with the opportunity to have a beautiful and fully functional website that they would be proud of. I knew it was more than possible for anyone to have a website that allowed them to compete in the global online market and to not break the bank in the process.

I felt that this was accomplished as we continued to perfect our craft and began offering a more comprehensive set of services. We began offering website maintenance services and graphic design services to allow customers a more complete design package. This led to some growing pains and an identity crisis for Boyd Web Design. I wanted to let customers know that our services were not just limited to web design and that they could come to us with any design challenges.

Out of this need came Leo Design Studios, launched in late 2011. The name has changed to convey the message of having a broad set of design services but the quality of our services and products have not. We still offer the highest quality at competitive prices.

I invite you to learn more about my company and why we offer the best design services by allowing us to handle your next design project. You have nothing to lose as all design quotes are free of charge and you can cancel at any time.

And if you're wondering where the name Leo came from, it's pretty simple. I'm a Leo.